Personal Football Tracking just got Easier withDashTag

The Dash

Envision a reality where you can make an equivalent playing field for aggressive soccer players. Competitors everything being equal, levels, and foundations have similar chances to improve their aptitudes and seek after their fantasies. With DashTag this dream turns into a reality.

DashTag fabricates a worldwide games network by offering an innovation stage to the beginner groups which is as of now saved for the experts. Helped to establish by Epco Berger, Cliff de Roode, and Dirk van lair Berg due to their energy to bring the driven football player that additional experience, DashTag built up ‘the Dash’ – the principal player-driven football tracker.

This tracker gives details to singular football players to keep tabs on their development and offer it with their companions, mentors or scouts. The individual information is synchronized in the DashTag application, giving moment access to customized details after each game or practice. The measurements are pace, spryness, power, and stamina.

The key highlights of the ‘Dash’ are:

Bright football tracker, worn with no other extra frill

Press and play

Clear Fifa-like Stats for moment outline

Nitty gritty execution minute-to-minute features of each session

Exceedingly precise estimating including low, medium and high-power runs

With DashTag players can take responsibility for their very own physical advancement, share their exhibition measurements, and even reinforce their profile for school selecting.

DashTag opens FIFA game like details to each football player in an exceptionally simple manner. In the wake of playing, players get their own games information pushed to their preferred informing stage, only seconds after they quit playing. The football planned wearable and sports bot enable individual players to get moment access to their details – which means they will be significantly progressively connected as they need to beat their details.

Along these lines, basically this stage is your free speed, wellness, quality mentor, that will get all of you the outcomes you are searching for.